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Z Star Manual Juicer

Enjoy a Just-Squeezed Taste with a Portable Zstar Manual Juicer Featuring a Hand Crank Extractor

Do you love the crisp, bright flavours of freshly squeezed juice in the morning? You're not alone — millions of people start their days with a glass of fresh juice. Why reach for a carton you bought from the store, though, when you could reach for the fresh whole fruit instead? With a manual juicer, you can do just that. Regardless of the type of fruit you'd like to juice, having a juicer in your kitchen means you always have an easy option for a wholesome and naturally sweetened beverage. What if you want access to fresh juice wherever you go, though? The Zstar manual juicer is an excellent option.

This portable juicer features a lightweight construction with a housing made from 100% BPA-free plastics. Inside the extractor, you'll find a single sturdy auger operated by the exterior hand crank. Designed for ease of use with both fruits and vegetables, you can easily pull out as much juice from your fruit as possible. Not only does that mean you're gaining all the nutritional value locked inside that fruit, but you end up with a tasty finished product, too. What are some of the reasons you should switch to using a juice extractor at home?

The health benefits a manual juicer offers

When you purchase juices from a major manufacturer, you're likely buying more than just juice — there's likely extra sugar added, and even possibly preservatives. The pasteurisation process also means you likely lose some of the naturally beneficial enzymes found in juices. That's why using a Zstar juice extractor is such a good idea. Fresh, natural juice retains all of the nutrients that you might otherwise lose, and of course, there are no added sweeteners necessary. Science also indicates that fresh juices contain far more antioxidants.

Do you love the health benefits that wheatgrass juice offers to your body? You're in luck — the hand crank extractor on the Zstar is well suited to juicing this usually difficult item. The interior auger crushes the wheatgrass thoroughly so that the extractor can pull out as much juice as possible. It's a refreshing drink on its own, or add it to your smoothies for a healthy boost to your favourite fruit beverages.

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With a hand crank juicer, you don't need any electricity to get your morning glass of juice — just good old fashioned elbow grease. Whether you want a juicer to take on the road, out camping, or just from place to place, the Zstar is an excellent manual option. Built to stand up to tonnes of use over long periods of time, it's a juicer you can trust for the long haul. Raw Blend makes it easy to purchase this product and many others ideal for those enjoying the benefits of a raw diet. Be sure to take the time to check out our other fine products. Order now for prompt processing and shipment.

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