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Sedona Express


The Sedona Express Food Dehydrator is not only full-featured but compact, allowing you to dehydrate without worrying about taking up too much counter space. Its 11 trays can dehydrate plenty of food, and its large, central fan makes dehydrating a breeze.

Change the Way You Approach Nutrition with the Sedona Express Food Dehydrator

For those eating a raw diet, you're probably already aware of the benefits that come from consuming foods as they are, instead of after cooking. For those who are just curious, though, the reasoning is simple. The high heat that food experience during the cooking process has a destructive effect on its nutrients and other important components; thus, the food you consume is not as nutritious as possible. What if you could still enjoy the benefits of a raw diet while also introducing delightful flavour and texture variations into your diet?

With the Sedona Express Food Dehydrator, that's just what you can accomplish. One of the easiest dehydration units to use, the Sedona features elegant construction and eleven built-in drying trays. By carefully controlling the internal temperature through digital controls and using the unit's fans to pass air over your slices of food, you can naturally remove water without "cooking" the food. Thus, you achieve an entirely different result without an adverse impact on its nutritional content!

The Sedona Express Food Dehydrator makes the entire process simple and easy. Set up slices of your favourite fruit and veg on the non-stick trays and set the temperature. After that, just wait for the dehydration cycle to finish. Available through Raw Blend, you can take the first steps to own this incredible product today and uncover the delicious textures of dehydrated foods.

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