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Sedona Dehydrators


Sedona Dehydrators are high quality food dehydrators with innovative features and technology, designed in California USA. Sedona Dehydrators have the ability to dehydrate up to 11 trays of delicious food at once. With its simple clean operation, energy efficiency, quiet fans and digital temperature control, even first time users will be able to make an array of delicious dehydrated foods with ease.

We offer a range of Sedona Dehydrators that feature BPA FREE plastic or stainless steel trays, from the original Sedona Classic to the new compact Sedona Express through to our top of the line model the Sedona Combo, we have the perfect Dehydrator for your healthy kitchen. We also offer a range of accessories including Silicone and Teflon Drying Sheets, Rawesome Creations Drying Templates and Dehydrator Recipe Books.

Preserve the Best Quality of Your Foods with Sedona Express Food Dehydrators

For those who love to structure their diet around raw foods (and at Raw Blend, we certainly do!), few tools are quite so useful to have handy as a quality food dehydrator. If you've never used one before, what are they, and why might you want one? Simply out, a dehydrator does what it says on the box: it uses warm air and fans to extract the water from the foods placed inside. Dehydrated foods take on all kinds of interesting properties, including chewiness and changes in texture, that make them more fun to eat. Of course, there's something delicious about plucking freshly dehydrated food off the tray when it's still warm, too.

Because no actual cooking occurs during the dehydration process, the essential enzymes and nutrients in your foods don't break down as they might otherwise. That means you get to enjoy new types of food while still enjoying all of their natural health benefits.

For those curious about what the best food dehydrator on the market is, Sedona dehydrators certainly make a strong claim to the title. From their sleek good looks to their ease of operation, these products fit comfortably into your kitchen and expand your ability to add diversity into your raw diet. What does the Sedona Express offer to raw food lovers like you?

The home cook's best food dehydrator option

The Sedona Express offers efficiency across the board. Right from the start, it lets you get to work: with nine trays, you can dehydrate a whole bunch of your favourite foods in one batch. It also offers greater energy efficiency than some other food dehydrators. The Express employs a single fans solution while the Sedona Classic and Combo dehydrators have the ability to toggle the two dehydrating fans separately, you can save on energy when you only need to dry half of the racks at one time. All models have built-in digital temperature sensors keep your raw foods at the right level for thorough drying.

Don't like dehydrators that operate noisily? The Sedona offers a quality solution in that department, too. Its fans, already quiet to start, feature a "night mode" for a more whisper quiet experience. This feature is another way to save on energy as well. With efficiency like this built into the whole machine, it's a quality option for users of food dehydrators everywhere.

See what a dehydrator can add to your kitchen today

With excellent features and the fine craftsmanship of the unit overall, the Sedona Express Dehydrator makes for a reliable option whether you're a dehydration master or brand new to the process. Raw Blend is proud to offer this item as well as plenty of additional accessories. In fact, we even have plenty of recipes you can use in your dehydrator hosted right here on our site! Be sure to check them out, or place your order for the Sedona Express today. Have questions or concerns before you make an order? Let us know on our contact page; our customer service team will be happy to help.

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