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Greenstar Juicers

The award-winning ‘Greenstar Elite’ juicer is reputably one of the world’s best juice extractors. Featuring revolutionary advanced jumbo twin gears with bioceramic and magnetic technology, Greenstar offers the highest yield and maximum nutrition from your produce. The new Greenstar Pro is now available, the best juicer for your home is now ready for your juice bar. 

Looking for a Quality Extractor for Your Kitchen? Maximise Your Juice Production with the Tribest Greenstar Elite Juicer

There's something that's simply satisfying about creating your own juices at home. Not only does it give you the option to extract juice from all kinds of fruit and veggies, but that also means you have more choices for taking in those all-important vitamins and minerals. Of course, juicing everything by hand can take time — and that's not always time we have available. When you want to enjoy the benefits of freshly produced juices at home without the need to spend a lot of time or effort with a hand crank, then what you want to check out is the Tribest Greenstar Elite juicer.

Not only is the Greenstar juicer an excellent and convenient way to automate your home juice production, but it goes a step further than other typical juicers. This "three stage" juicer crushes, mixes, and presses the fruits and veggies you put into the unit. In other words, it does everything possible to get every drop of liquid goodness out of your produce. This design, an award-winner, could be a valuable addition to your home kitchen. With easy availability online through Raw Blend, you could add it to your family of kitchen items in no time. Besides its innovative three stage juicing action, why else might this be the quality juice extractor for which you've been looking?

What sets the Greenstar Elite Juicer apart

The dual gear system inside the unit is what really marks this product as a quality juicer. We've mentioned that this system produces three stages of extraction, but what makes that unique? They've been specially engineered to handle all kinds of produce without jamming, clogging, or otherwise slowing down and producing suboptimal results. With cutting elements and recessed pockets, these gears can juice everything from carrots and celery to soft fruits. A variable mechanism for controlling pressure in the juicer allows you to ensure smooth operation of the Tribest Greenstar Elite from start to finish.

Of course, once you're done juicing, you can't just leave the extractor on the counter. When it's time to clean, the Tribest Greenstar opens easily for quick cleaning. Fewer parts mean simple clean-up. From start to finish, the product offers its users an incredibly convenient juicer experience.

Explore all of our incredible product offerings, too

It's not hard to see that the Greenstar Elite Juicer doesn't put "elite" in its name without good reason — it's truly an excellent way to avoid wasting any juice from your fruit and veg. Whether you're mixing up refreshing summer drinks or you're trying out a new smoothie recipe, you'll love having access to this quality juicer. Don't forget to check out Raw Blend's recipe resources for ideas about what to do with your high quality juicer. Want to ask some questions before you order your Greenstar juice extractor? Phone our friendly staff on 07 3376 7630 and let us know today how we can help you.

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