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Freshlife Sprouters

Love Sprouts of All Kinds? Choose the Freshlife Manual Sprouter for that Best Home Grown Taste

Sprouts and microgreens are more than just a pretty garnish for an elegant dish; they can and should be an important part of your diet! Whether you love to use bean sprouts, radish sprouts, or any other kind as a salad ingredient, sandwich topper, or as a snack, some people just can't get enough of them. Why not? They're full of many times more vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients as their adult counterparts. As science continues to explore the nutritional benefits of consuming sprouts, though, you might be tired of continually buying more sprouts from the store. Why not grow your own at home?

With the help of the Freshlife Manual Sprouter, you can have easy access to freshly grown sprouts right on your kitchen counterpart. With an ingenious design and durable construction, this is the best sprouter for those just beginning with growing their own foods at home. In this Freshlife product, watering is manual rather than featuring automatic operation. However, this just gives you the chance to have a direct hand in the growth process. Two seeding trays mean you can grow up to eight different varieties of sprouts (four flavours per tray) at once. How does the growing process work? It's simple.

Using the Freshlife Sprouter is easy and low maintenance

Inside the provided sprouting barrel are two trays for placement of your sprout seeds. One just distributes an even layer of seeds on each of the tray segments, then places them back into the barrel. Water them generously by hand and then cover. The trapped humidity and water you provide over the week will allow the seeds to rapidly sprout. There's no soil necessary, and the natural light present in your kitchen is all the seeds need to begin germinating. Within eight days, you'll have several hundred grammes’ worth of delicious sprouts to harvest!

After harvest, simply clean your Freshlife Manual Sprouter for best results, then replace with a new batch of seeds. Repeat this process week in and week out for a never-ending supply of sprouts for all your raw dishes. Add another barrel if you have a family full of sprout-lovers, or just enjoy the bounty of your harvest on your own. That's all there is to this manual sprouter.

Place your order today, or browse Raw Blend's valuable resources

With the Freshlife Sprouter, growing your own sprouts at home and having a direct hand in it has never been quite so easy. Mix and match the varieties you grow, or just to stick to the one type whose crisp, crunchy flavours you like best. Bring a bit of the garden inside and cut down on the number of sprouts you need to buy from the supermarket. Are you ready to enjoy the best sprouts you've ever had? Order your sprouter today, and we'll be sure to ship it to you promptly. We also offer local pickup options for those nearby; click over to our contact page to learn more.

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