Vitamix for Business

More than 110,000 commercial outlets worldwide rely on Vitamix Blenders every day and it’s no surprise that Vitamix is the most trusted brand by chefs. At Raw Blend we have a selection of commercial Vitamix Blenders designed specifically for use in commercial environments such as cafes, restaurants and catering set ups. Vitamix have been designed with the heavy workload of commercial kitchens and busy food preparation areas in mind.

Vitamix commercial blenders are designed for business use and not recommended for household use. Vitamix for Business & Home Blenders contain the same quality components, there is just a split division between Vitamix household & commercial - differing features, recipe books, warranties & different Australian importers.
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Vitamix Drink Machine Two-Speed

Vitamix Drink Machine Two-Speed

$1,069.00 RRP: $1,314.50